Unique personalized books based on your life, memories and dreams

InaStoryland is about transforming life stories into unique books.

We make your story eternal. We create your own original, personalized, handmade book that you can read and read again.

The „InaStoryland” books are:

  • more than memories as they can always be touched and read in the present
  • more than photographs as they use words to complete the images
  • more than videos as they have a more personal approach
  • the perfect gift, one that lasts a lifetime

Our story starts very early in the first days of our life with the first touch, the first kiss, the first cry, with the messages sent to friends “Our princess was born today; she is 48 cm tall and a beautiful face…” “Our brave boy came to life today…”

It goes on with the first steps and birthday anniversaries, the kindergarden drawings, the favorite toys, cartoon and fairy-tale characters; with people that we love and influence our childhood, who teach us about love and life; with the crazy years and enthusiasm of adolescence, the friends, the fun, the dreams and wishes to be fulfilled, the first love, the biggest love, the wedding, the first child, the messages we send “Our Princess was born today”… her first steps…

Yes, this is a very simple view of life, reality is way more complex. That is why I believe each of us has thousands of stories to be told. They all define us with our dreams, experiences and feelings. Yet, the personalized books from "InaStoryland" have one thing in common: a happy ending.

Our personalized book are original, we do not repeat stories and, for certain, we cannot repeat the design of the books. Once you have it, it is only yours. The story as well as the book, which is entirely handmade, is one of a kind as we try to capture mostly what is unique about the person who will become the story’s main character.

Every page and the cover is handmade illustrated and crafted, the details of the story transform into a specific design: if the story is about a girl that likes dogs, the cover can be furry and get the dog aspect, if the story is about a person that likes chocolates, the book can be a box of chocolates too.

The books are not destined only for children; they can become a beautiful present for a newly married couple, a wedding present, a present for your grandmother, for your office colleague, for the entire family.

We also made corporate story books. If your company has an anniversary, we can write the corporate & team story. The team can collaborate too.

The book can be in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Romanian.

One of our clients used to say about our books that „they are like wine, they get more valuable as time passes”. Indeed, they are a present you can make yourself or to somebody else for a life time.

You can make the order here, call us at +40733 507 384 or send us an email at:

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Interview for Life

The most difficult stories to write are those for babies, as they don`t have preferences and life memories yet. Written in German, this is the first chapter of a life story.

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Book category: Christening

The Craftsmen Land

"This is to let you know that the feedback we’ve received from the five books we’ve distributed was beyond any expectation. Literarily, all of them were overwhelmed with the whole concept/idea, design and presentation of hand-made books!"

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