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InaStoryland is about transforming life stories into unique books.


My name is Ina and, in 2010, I wrote a story which I realized afterwards, it was about me. The story called „Childhood Land” is about a little boy who feels that his soul gets weaker as he is growing up. His „helper – an elf” tells him one night, in a dream, that he can make his spirit happy and stronger again if he goes in the quest for the „Childhood land”. Writing this fairy tale showed me that, in that moment of life, I was looking for my childhood spirit. I needed to be more creative, spontaneous, playful and enjoy life more.

This is how the „InaStoryland” idea of personalized, handmade books came. I wanted to write stories to help people find their own „ childhood land”, help them read about their life through the eyes of a happy child, in a beautiful hand illustrated book.

Life is very complex, we are different personalities with different stories. Our personalized books are original, we do not repeat stories and, for certain, we can not repeat the design of the books. Once you have it, it is only yours. The story, as well as the book, which is entirely handmade, is one of a kind as we try to capture mostly what is unique about the person who will become the story’s main character.

Every page and the cover is handmade illustrated and crafted, the details of the story transform into a specific design: if the story is about a girl that likes dogs, the cover can be furry and get the dog aspect, if the story is about a person that likes chocolates, the book can be a box of chocolates too.

The books are not destined only for children; they can become a beautiful gift for a newly married couple, a wedding present, a gift for your grandmother, for your office colleague, for the entire family.

We also made corporate story books. If your company has an anniversary, we can write the corporate & team story. The team can collaborate too.

The book can be in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Romanian.


How we work:

We produce the personalized books only on personal order and we need minimum 2 weeks. We do not have books on stock. A personalized book cost is 200 Euros + transport costs.

If you would like to order a book, send us an email ( or call us (+40 733 507 384). After you get in touch with us and you decide this is the gift you were looking for, these are the steps to follow:

  1. we send you some questions to help you give us all useful information about the person/ couple/ child you would like the book to be about
  2. pay a 30% advance of the amount in our bank account:
  3. we write the story and send it to you for approval
  4. after we get your „Like” we start the design of the book, based on the story and on the pictures you send us. We do not intend to give you an album of photos, but they will help us create the story and illustrate it in a more personal way.
  5. we send you pictures with the book finalized so you can make the rest of the payment
  6. we will send you the book according to your requirements (courier, post)
  7. please send us an email with your feedback! Is your personalized book, but is our heart in it!